The paradigm of Physics Education needs a 21st century make-over. In our current world, the process of acquiring a physics education happens almost exclusively in school settings in non-real, non-personal terms. Physics itself exists in the real world and is open for exploration by anyone.

Physics is a method of thinking about the world around you. Understanding physics helps you make better informed decisions, not just figuring out when two trains will meet, but in how to determine which train to take. Physics methods help us assess the information which bombards us on a daily basis to determine its validity and accuracy. The abundance of information in the modern world makes this tool necessary for every day life: physics does not teach you what to think;  it teaches you efficient, systemics ways of approaching the world around you.

Having taught Physics in schools for over two decades on three different continents, it has been very frustrating to observe that some students are excluded from accessing Physics by the structure of the schools themselves. This website is an attempt to create a better way for those students.